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We helped a start-up company partner with  the largest video ad network in the world.

Our client spent several years promoting its innovative and disruptive advertising technology and was awaiting final action on its patent. After a promising start and receptive response from cable TV, local network affiliates, and set-top box application developers, progress stalled and money was almost gone. We created a compelling plan to shift strategic focus and target market – using the online video advertising market as a stepping stone to the larger TV advertising marketplace. And we reinvented the brand position, technology roadmap, marketing strategy, and go-to-market approach.

We developed a working alpha platform of our client’s technology that integrated multiple web-service REST components including email marketing, ad insertion, video ad network, and business intelligence & analytics. We designed a beta platform and managed the RFP process and developer selection. We created an entirely new set of marketing collateral, instituted a process to manage and monitor business development activity, and reinvented our client’s entire presentation and marketing pitch to more concisely promote the benefits and value proposition of their technology to potential partners, customers, and investors.

The results: potential customers and partners were able to use our client’s technology and quickly understand its benefits. We were able to secure meetings with our client and the largest video advertising networks in the world, despite previous failed attempts prior to our involvement. We connected our client with leading, profitable online video publishers for advice and insight on go-to-market strategy. And we got our client attention from venture capital firms with genuine interest in seeing our client move forward.

Prior to taking this assignment, our peers suggested that our best advice should be “tell those guys to hunker-down for a nuclear winter, because there’s no money out there”. Once again, Avolusis found a way to make the pieces fit and create opportunity where traditionalists saw none before.

In a short period of time our client was on an upward trajectory where one venture capitalists noted, “if you guys are successful, Google’s going to imitate you.” Avolusis got the right people to see the disruptive nature of our client’s technology and they themselves acknowledged that our client’s true potential reached towards the stratosphere.

Avolusis, LLC is not registered as a broker or dealer with the SEC or NASD. Avolusis does not provide investment advice to our clients and you should consult investment, accounting, legal and other professional advisors prior to making any investment.

* Photo licensed under creative commons from Steven Straiton on flickr.

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