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Our client was a top three executive from a publicly traded company in the payments industry with a market capitalization approaching $1 Billion. We partnered to pioneer a better way to market merchant services.
Merchant service providers enable businesses to receive credit and debit cards payments from customers. The industry utilizes a variety of direct, indirect, and affiliate relationships to market its services. Our client had successfully recruited and trained armies of agents using a variety of proprietary techniques.

Yet, over the past several years, the market radically changed under dramatically increased competition and thinning margins. A typical business can receive five sales calls or more per day from merchant service providers through a variety of channels – telephone, in person, email, and from business associations through their affiliated marketers. Further, thinning margins make it more difficult to recruit and retain sales agents and competitors offer large incentives to steal agents away.

We developed a sales strategy for a suite of small business services including SEO/SEM (search engine optimization / search engine marketing), website design, text marketing, credit enhancement, and merchant services. And we built a company melding our client’s industry connections, sales techniques, and recruiting process with a bundled service offering and value proposition. And we did it from scratch – identifying service providers, negotiating vendor agreements, designing all marketing communications including the website, creating a set of training materials and videos, recruiting agents, and training them as well.

The selling approach worked, businesses welcomed the opportunity to hear about services they truly needed, and lead generation grew two to three times that of previous techniques.

Photo licensed under creative commons from Pablo on flickr.

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