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What’s your methodology?

A story takes you on a journey, where you begin with one set of beliefs and emerge transformed.

Listen for direction: First, we listen to you and research your service – why it’s different from others, and why does it matter and to whom. In this step, we simply seek to connect the bare bones.

Hear the sentiment: We next surface your values, the passions that drive the story beneath the story, and the emotions that will inspire your audience to reflect on how your service satiates latent desire.

Distill the message: We unify what we listened to and what we heard, and we make a framework for what is best represented in words, sounds, images, or both.

Determine the way points: We craft two story-arcs, one at 30,000 feet that describes the impact of your service and why we should care, and another down-to-earth story arc that helps us see ourselves, or someone we know, in the character transformed by your the story of your service.

Sculpt a unique yet familiar framework: Audience like new twists on recognizable experiences. So we sculpt our stories to be identifiable as a protagonist meeting a challenge, being rebuffed, finding a pathway to a new way, embracing it, overcoming, and seeing a new light.

Tighten: Music, color, texture, and contrast provide a unifying mood and tempo to story parts, (i.e. acts). By simplifying the story structure into acts we make it even more memorable and powerful.

What is Value Engineering?

Value Engineering happens when creative vision meets business savvy to tell your story in the best way possible.   It starts with careful listening. Our methodology (see FAQ “what is your methodology”) was specifically developed through  years of experience to quickly highlight your story, values, and beliefs in a way that speaks authentically to your audience.

Then we put on our project manager hat.   We look at the assets you have, what we bring, and how to make the highest impact while staying within your budget.   We rethink different ways to tell the same story, while making the most of the time spent shooting.   And we also look for ways to schedule the most productive and efficient  production schedule.  Finally we consider different ways post-production and finishing can create a final product of high quality.

Can I get copies of the photos on your website?

We licensed many of the photos under Creative Commons.   We would like to attribute these artists on flickr:

Nina Matthews
Nina Matthews
Steve Johnson
Vinoth Chandar
Mark, Vicki, Ellaura, and Mason
Mike Kline
Thomas Kohler
Steven Straiton
National Rural Techology
154 Blue Chrome Rain Social Media Icons

Where can I find your old website?

Our old website is on http://old.avolusis.com

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