• Kevin did a great job turning the business we built at Freight Wing into a story bankers could stand behind. And that allowed us to obtain a line of credit, grow, and eventually achieve our ultimate goal of selling the company. He's more than just a marketer and finance chief, he's a team player passionate about adding value and making a company a story to be told. And he'd dig in to anything we needed to support the company's needs, including managing our Salesforce implementation, advertising, supply chain, order management, and even crawling under trailers for installations. I highly recommend him.

    Sean Graham
    Sean GrahamFreightwing (a Ridge Corp. company)
We provided ad creative as well as marketing consulting to Freight Wing.

Freight Wing manufactures high performance aerodynamics for the trucking industry. The company is an innovation leader experiencing record demand and sales because their product was recently mandated on all tractor trailers entering the state of California. The company is profitable and socially responsible, having saved approximately 13,000,000 gallons of fuel and prevented 150,000 tons of emissions – about the same impact as taking 23,000 cars off the road for one year.

tempAvolusis helped the transition into the next chapter of their growth. We validated their bookkeeping and financial data, created a valuation analysis, secured additional sources of liquidity to facilitate growth, and improved communication with shareholders and the Board to ease the transition into its next chapter of growth.

Acting as interim CMO and CFO, we implemented key support systems and processes:

  • Advertising: Provided creative and art direction
  • Channel Management: Designed a program for dealer improvement and development
  • Supply Chain: Initiated offshore manufacturing as a means to lower costs, increase margin, and create greater pricing flexibility in this cut-throat market place.
  • IT: Supported setup of and performed systems integration between the company’s accounting system,, and the company’s website.
  • Finance: Created a detailed and comprehensive 5-year financial model and company valuation.
  • Reporting, Planning, and Forecasting: Implemented management dashboard reports and an operating budget.
  • Accounting: Implemented processes for cash control, payables, receivable, as well as monthly and quarterly closing and collected on seriously delinquent accounts.

Freight Wing was acquired by Ridge Corp.

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