Wizards of Impact

We produced a conceptual pilot for a reality TV series on Impact Investing.

The challenge: Demonstrate to the History Channel that two high net worth impact investors and their work in India can connect and entertain a broad swath of middle America.  The stakeholders: Two leaders and a community of 50+ interested parties.  The purpose: Illustrate the excitement of social entrepreneurship and impact investing as dynamic career opportunities.

The creative challenge involved combining two interviews, from different continents, using different formats, into a seamless conversation exploring their working relationship using entertaining highlights.  This involved distilling abstract concepts into memorable vignettes. For example, to help audiences understand why impact investing is appealing, we developed a compelling hookline to appeal  to the History Channel’s male demographic: “You want to leave a mark on this world. Just one word. Impact.” We also created a basic cut-out animation segment.  All of which we did in approximately 2-1/2 weeks,  from concept to completion.  The result: the clients were excited by the opportunity to reach a broader audience than they thought possible, and saw how a TV show could be both fun to pursue and a way to grow the market for their business.

Please email us at info@avolusis.com for a password.

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