OLU Clothing Line

We designed the logo for a clothing line.

tempThe challenge:  Union Gospel Mission, a shelter and homeless services provider,  wanted to launch one of four social ventures to provide job training for their clients and new sources of revenue for their cause.   The stakeholders: This was a new initiative requiring board support and the direct participation of the Executive Director, the head of finance, and the head of public relations.  The purpose:  To create a business plan that a non-profit could execute using their staff and clients.  The creative challenge was to make the story of impact investing and social entrepreneurship compelling.  We helped develop the business plan and we created the pitch and presentation to the Executive Director.   And, over lunch, we created the logo.  The result:   We generated orders on the first day and Union Gospel Mission subsequently launched the line of clothing.  The Huffington Post featured OLU in “10 Cities Worldwide That Are Working To Win Their Wars Against Homelessness”.


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