SVP Fast Pitch – Sizzle Real

We produced a sizzler video for Social Venture Partners to engage potential sponsors and investors to support SVP Fast Pitch.
The challenge: Demonstrate to sponsors and investors the many ways their cash support generates economic development. The stakeholders: 100+ volunteers, 20+ participants, 20+ investors, 12+ sponsors. The purpose: Highlight the substantial impact SVP Fast Pitch, a program at Social Venture Partners, creates in connecting business leaders with resources and practical education that leads to their enhanced career development. The creative challenge was transforming an abstract concept, community, into a results oriented outcome. For example, to make the story engaging, without being overly advertorial or sentimental, we used an approach a FRONTLINE-style documentary approach.   And we took the audience on a journey exploring both a broad overarching story-arc at 30,000 feet, and down-to-earth tale of personal triumph. The result: The client was very pleased, in fact the Chairman of the Board asked to use it for recruiting purposes, while it was still in rough-cut, because what we created was so powerful even before completion.

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