Commissioned by Smithsonian Affiliate

A Smithsonian Affiliate commissioned a film from us. The challenge: The Wing Luke Museum, a Smithsonian Affiliate, sought to enhance a new exhibit through incorporation of archival and recent interviews, both audio and video. The stakeholders: The Wing Luke Museum had a successful track record infusing diverse community representation into a basic exhibition development model. This involved a several month long collaboration across 15+ interests of contrasting viewpoints. The purpose: The exhibit, “IN STRUGGLE”, compared and contrasted the history, role, and motivations of Asian Americans involved in civil disobedience ranging from individual acts, court action, and demonstrations from the 19th century to today. The creative challenge was blending hundreds of hours of video and audio into a cohesive film reflecting the deep richness of a broad spectrum of stories in a revealing mosaic of the American experience. The result: The exhibit committee and museum staff were very pleased with our film and included it in the exhibit. The film has screened or will screen at University of Washington, the Wing Luke Museum, and others.


See the entire film.



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